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soffitSoffits are the boards placed on the underside of the eaves where the roof overhangs the walls. This is where ventilation holes are generally provided so as to avoid condensation buildup occurring within the roof itself. Without these holes, ultimately damp and mould is likely to appear on the internal timbers of your roof.

These are manufactured from UPVC for low maintenance and offer an additional level of protection to the structure of your roof as well as giving you an attractive and unified appearance that will look always look its best, no matter what the weather is like.


Fascias are used to support the guttering and are also assist properly ventilating the roof space. By preventing access to the roof by birds and other animals this helps prevent any potential structural damage that can be caused by unwanted guests.
Over time fascias can become damaged or corroded and this could lead to guttering that isn't supported properly with potentially disastrous results.