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Stable Doors



Stable doors provide a fantastic solution to your uPVC door needs. Offering a fantastic combination of style and function, they are a great door for any modern home. Providing you with the same level of security as our other ranges of uPVC doors, they allow you to open the top of the door while keeping the bottom half shut and locked. This means that your home is kept secure, and children and pets kept safe, while fresh air is free to circulate.

This is made possible thanks to the key locking handle that allows the lower part of the door to be kept closed and locked while the top half of the door can be operated independently. And when you want to close the door completely, the top half can be easily deadlocked by a key operated security cylinder and an optional auto latch. This makes the door completely secure as once locked, it can only be accessed by use of a key.

The uPVC stable doors we supply here at Phoenix Windows (Dereham) also have a range of other security features, which are as follows:

Uniquely designed and constructed flag hinges that are robust enough to resist even the most determined attacks thanks to the four steel pins that penetrate the steel reinforcing or the door frame and the sash
Adjustable hinges which are available in three dimensions ensuring performance that is always long lasting while remaining low maintenance