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Before you click away from this page, allow me to introduce  myself.  My name is Fred Mason and I live at 2 Breton Close, Toftwood, Dereham.  Many of you may know me because,   since 1973, I have been involved in all  aspects of the window industry, from selling to making sealed units to fitting  everything from secondary double glazing to sun lounges. So as you can  appreciate there are not many people around with more experience.
In January 1990 I did what I should have done years before. I set up in business completely on my own. I do not have representativess who I have to pay 20 or 30% commission; I do not have fitters on 10 or 15%, the fitters I have are fully employed by me and I do not have a showroom with all its very expensive display equipment, so get what you need; value for money. The products that I sell are similar to dozens of other companies locally or nationally could provide but all our Doors and Windows are 'A' rated.  and come in a variety of colour options. The glass is low emmisivity and the sealed units are gas filled.  We also do Garage Doors and Garage conversions.

So please contact me for a quotation; it will cost you nothing except maybe a cup of tea, but it could give you more room or make you a lot more comfortable, or both!